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Related article: Date : Wed, 06 Feb 2007 19 52 14th 0000 From: Steve Thomas u003cstevethomas535 hotmail. com u003e Subject: Fantasy Ch Ben 24 This is a work of fiction but is based on the author's feelings, beliefs and in some cases, experience. Come to think of it - I could not to be very Young Kidz Cp clean either! It can be graphic sexual encounters in time among men, that is, if you are offended, are invited to leave. If you are too young, or it is an offense to read if you are of Young Kidz Cp this type if history, shame on you for reading - please stop here. ! If not, - FUN The cast of characters: Ben Hastings - That's me Bill "Bubba " Hastings - My dad n Veronica Hastings - My mom. Queen - My Best Friend Ranj Kumar - Another friend Jared - A slut soccer. Shipley Sargeant - high school friend Majors Rex - Ranj roommate. greater Everett - the younger brother Rex Mick and Mack Major League Baseball - The Twins Kirby and Wyatt - the greatest From chapter 23: snuck into my room. Luckily, my room- And - are located in opposite sides of the house for mom and dad in the room where Wyatt and Kirby bunking. We have not had much to worry about waking up around the world. Everett Mick and Mack said he slept like a dead man, and On the other hand, played no role, if she knew I had to do something. stripped and attacked each other. The two were as hard as a stone before we went to bed. His skinny body felt so good to me itself. With our full genital contact, his face was in my chest. that s been at the top and rode me while sucking my nipples. That was a as he was about to burst at once - but I did not. After rejecting, with him on the floor for a while, I found with me so he could kiss. From the background hump my stomach and I press between the legs. It was not enough pre-cum, that this is very easy and hassle free. I just wanted to reach my peak when stopped total and said : "Ben - you sleep with me," " Is not that whatdoing? "He said he ". No - I mean - I mean, for real -. I want you to say - for me - -. Tonight " My whole being, he said, " Yess ! "But ^ A Chapter 24. I saw him in the face - barely visible in the dark room - I Young Kidz Cp was looking for my eyes for approval" Ev, my sweet friend " smiled in that , but his eyes were already defeated " -. Everything in me cries out to do what you ask. But - I'm not ready - to - yet. if we do that - I will not be hidden in the middle of the night. I want to be - a consequence of our love, and if we to express our feelings - out loud - as I have shown. However, the n - "I grabbed some bar smoothing " - will be OK Tonight useful - if needed. And this: " She put her hands on mine" - I hope you will do everything possible, " Everett smiled. " Okay - Boyfriend " " and - " I said!. " I'll wait until our anniversary, which to complete another case -. when we are ready ", which re -nodded. He hugged me close to and kissed my neck, our mouths met and began to argue about again. As he bent to take into his mouth, said, "Wait! " Also has bent. " I want to do together this time - right? " I said hold on her, gently stroking slowly n dancing in my mouth, my language. He did the same, until the two were on the edge, When I felt her hips begin to push like. Its wood far enough to push the back of my throat. I started doing the same, and I felt a little nauseated her, and then gave a short jets, but he was gagged as far as he could with his mouth again and , but he grabbed my ass took a moment down. It was asphyxiation and was faster. I felt like my flesh and give you your pass trachea, playing as their own and the bell tickle his penis out. seems to be together we both started to moan softly. His moans matches a throaty sound that reached my other Young Kidz Cp hand a high-pitched cry, as both jet after jet pump orf our existence itself of the throat. When we finished, we were in that position, while members of the smoothing. He followed my example as I chewed gently on her soft flesh. I n Then she sucked as hard as I could for a long time, and it was hard to go again. Mine was still soft, but soon it was difficult, he Young Kidz Cp began to Press again until he reached a second time. Again, I have squeezed every last drop possible advantage of it. We were in this position for several minutes. I went to kiss him, but he was already asleep. I shook him gently. "EV - Treasurer -. You better back up your bedroom s " I whispered. "OK. " He said. He got up and staggered toward the door. " Ev. " Whispered loud enough to stop it. He turned. " do not need a goodnight kiss ? " flew back and jumped on me. " Oh, Ben - Ben I love you so much " ". I love you too, honey " I said. The next morning my parents want us both to sleep late. Breakfast was just the two of us. Everett said : " Last nightwas simple -. perfect " " I regret that you expect - " I began, ". N0 ! You were right. I would not go to sleep immediately. I thought, and thought about it. What we did last night was - just - as I said, perfect. I - I'm not sure I'm ready for the next step yet. n last night I thought it would. But now - I see you're right. I'm glad we waited. " And he came to me and looked into his eyes. " I ! both in love with you, Ben, " I opened my mouth. " - do not say no - Please. I wanted to tell you - what s means. Sorry - now I ". " - I have to I love you more and more, Ev.. " So I immediately began to chew a thick piece of ham - and chew on our Conversation and doubt what I just said I've known this guy less than a month How can you say it is.. in love with me ? But who am I to say, then, right? Maybe in the way it has seen a lot life more than me. maybe it's emotionally advancedI think that. Perhaps it is more mature than I in this way. He is certainly n been forced, with a couple of things I never do. As a teenager , as he said, he liked what his father did. I wonder. perhaps Most of the boys. I tried to remember when I was your age and what my reaction would have been if some older boys, I loved it anyway - had begun, Touch Me - somehow - I would told him to stop ? If what he was doing , felt good feelings and excitement that I liked - I do not know - maybe I can have would have liked him. It is impossible to go back and feel that I then. I know it was very curious. " Wow. Where would you go ?" Said Everett. "Ben ? " " Huh ? " I awoke from my dream. " Oh. Je. Yes, I think zoned for a moment. " " What were you thinking so hard? " Said Everett. " I - uh - somehow decided - or - uh - surprised, anyway - I wonder if is possible that - due to its internal situation - maybe you have - you know - Reifer asI am in some way. I think it may have been forced grow faster than - than - it should - or - at least faster as the Young Kidz Cp other guys. Do you think he falls for her - of - the brothers - at last - Sex with them, " ' Ben - please do not be angry - or disappointed or anything, but - that no last time we had sex was just before my return to Duke. "It became a in shame ". EV - I do not know that no matter, now I have much respect for you before. I know. Have - do - all -? " " Something like that. no, do not join each other or with their fists and have all the stuff. But or so - yes - all those other things. If you ask shit we have - yes - that I can see why you do me as soon wanted to " ".. "I said. " But I said, I've thought about it last night. With Mick and Mack was a control problem. " " They did not - the force - himself - "I tried to sound balanced n and nonjudgmental. " Nuh -uh. was what we were doing something that Dad does not like is. We have so much control over ourselves - or something. Yes, I think he thought I was in love with her. Actually, I was jealous of them. They were closer than any of them could be with me. was not easy when sex with them. But perhaps had something to do with how much I felt like this. " And another thing - I hated my father, but -. I loved him too At first I did not like it was going to go to bed with me, that meant he could not, straw.. ! he would have nothing at first, he and mom have an argument and he came to my bed I did not think that none of that then, when he told me he really loved me... - I really loved the best ".... " ? Said the " n "He started rubbing my shoulders has fallen to me, he wanted it back He moved from there to hug me - face to face - and rub my back in this way. I liked it even more. As I walked to my first ass, even asked me why I was feel my butt. He said he was not, but that if you rub the back, it was just a part of it. " One thing led to another and from the time he was stroking my new colon enlarged, I thought it Young Kidz Cp was pretty cool. He always told me it would be Honey, and I do not tell anyone, supposedly because he loves to we all wanted the same thing I believe -.. and I also liked the feeling of the s, he gave me, he always showed his support for both Rex - n play football and all - and then have told me I was the favorite of his s. This was my dad. I loved it! " " Yes, I can understand. I wish I had more support from dad. probably most of the boys. I was sure he was disappointed that I did interest in the sport and I think that's true, but -. what made his father - sorry Ev - but that was bad. " " Well, I know - now I wonder if I even woulda gay if do that. " " I've heard some people talking. As if it were a disease mental, n. I thinkthis sucks. Others seem to go to of the form to show that we were ` in Young Kidz Cp this way" Born.. I do not know anything about that either n ` scuze my language, but - who the hell cares," he said and felt frustrated, as I said. "What I know is that I 'm gay and I'm dressed I attract boys and girls. This is reality, regardless of n, do or not do. As far as I'm concerned, if someone discover the way to remove a guy like this, to avoid in this way - ? great who wants this a someone who does not, man, " " me not so much, " "But when you start to genetics, who knows what other shit you type to be stuck with - or perhaps lose it for me - for now - I 'm glad you I have, and I'm glad my parents took me to accept what I am. many is not. "I said. " I know Dad, he makes us work not merely want us to leave all other know -.. I guess because he was to blame - especially if they did, I he did. " " How not know now? If you have not run the people with their message history? " " Nope ! For some redson, do not have. " " It's almost funny. "I said. " Huh ? " " if pro -gay people would hear the entire front pages of every newspaper in the country. But if it may seem to show homosexuality is caused - not innate - they seem to suppress. Everything is bull shit it does! Print only what they support. " " Why not print what they are not compatible with " " read the message Young Kidz Cp - or hear on television, " " Not much. "N " You want - when you are older. "I said, and then captured, the higher that must have sounded. " Sorry, buddy. But it is true. How do more, things seem more important. The news people are supposed to print everything so that Young Kidz Cp people informed. At least that's the theory of. " " I do not care only. "I said. " Well.. " I smiled " Why, " " Because in the event that you have your first chance to vote - I will tell you how to vote -. Because I do not care " Everett looked at me like I was crazy, and I laughed. Then laughed, and I kissedit. Young Kidz Cp "I love you, you know," he said. " I'm happy!" He smiled. " So - what do you think about going to UCLA in the fall - instead of Duke" his face darkened. " Oh, I do not know about that Rex -.. When it comes, and - " " Ev, I'm pretty sure it can not be at Duke probably there are some classes. I still collected in a nearby school, you can - it is the the end result - after all I have to come back here to my degrees must be separated in other words, we can finally -. n \\ \\ 3000. miles you got a scholarship to Duke -. can not get a UCLA " " Ben, Dad did everything to get the scholarship I mean Rex is a Rex ball good and my dad knew people -... and helped him to in Young Kidz Cp this department, not as I had never seen anything himself Pope , each value in the study of something serious student Rex serious matter, , but my father only cares about football. arrival This scholarship was hard and took a long time. not likeI can only say, ' Uh. I would like to transfer my scholarship to study at the university. " This does not work in this way. Are two schools in the state for me. This Young Kidz Cp makes it s even more difficult. " Everett has a lot more together than I did when This is things. I know he's right. I sighed. ' Ben - just be my friend -. For now, if the things we want - are more than Young Kidz Cp friends, we can find a way - or - some Everett, "said Um -. " Where are your parents? "N " She left a message. You took his brethren in the church. " " Do not say they do not go to church ? " " they do not - it -. Maybe they do not feel anyway, with all these additional children, you have to do something else " " So Young Kidz Cp -. ? we are all alone, "said Everett, with a wink. " I have no idea if your home will be a Protestant. " The phone rang. " The Church will go straight. Let's take the kids for breakfast n. Do you and Everett, "said my mother. I looked at Everett. The looked so sweet. I had no idea who was on the phone. "Nope. Thanks anyway. See you later. " I said. She said : G'bye and hung up. Everett looked at me query. Suddenly I attacked him. He laughed and pulled me and I sofa, so that our country eats breakfast. We were kissing and laughing y fight as a pair of threes. Well, except maybe for the kissing. Well, maybe except for the hump y tearing other laundry. Both were in our shirts were the ground y our zippers down and we were making so much noise that he heard no is the key in the door. I laughed and thought how great thin, bony body felt against my own. "Is this a private party or can anyone join ? " We were so scared up there, I fell to the ground. Everett saw me waiting. I even thought for a moment. One of three tones hot. I found it hard to flex n " Do not knock it ? " I said. " They usually come in About the time for breakfast. " " Everybody went to church. " I said quickly, down from very emotional. My s " I Young Kidz Cp see. And it seems to worship their own way, that is not it? " " Jared, "I said. Was about to tell you to go home, but then I thought : his house was like. In his view, this home with more than n \\ \\ parents. I soaked (in more ways than one !) "Close the door and see in" she said. " So you want me my wish ? Young Kidz Cp "He said, so there is no doubt it came, as he rubbed his crotch. My cock softening reflexed, which hardens after a little more. I closed my eyes. everything in me screamed yES " N-no - Jared - that - I mean - yes, you look so fine, and - I mean better than expected - but - it would be too confusing - I I do " Everett Jared saw.. " EV - I think - being. "He said, arching eyebrows, is a couple of times. I looked at Everett. Also was rubbing his crotch, smiled nervouslymyself. I was serious about this? I s it was a very important thing about Everett and I really like. Everett seemed to me that Jared and back to me and involuntarily obviously back over his throbbing erection. I was not happy with Jared called Ev. I started to say no, but Ev said : "Maybe just this once " I was very confused. I was pretty sure it was a very bad idea. But I body was reacting differently. I looked down and my cock sticking out from the top of my underwear. I made the mistake of us Jared. He laughed. I was broken. " You - you really " Everett said. " would be fun. " He said. " do not kiss. " I said. " You can kiss ! " Jared said. "They are friends not to " I climbed to the top of Everett and began to kiss him again, and despite the the fact that I did not feel comfortable doing in front of Jared, who felt so good, and I suspect that the additional power is what made the generous stream of precumout of me. As we kissed, I closed my eyes, I pulled my pants and panties felt from me. Soon we were all naked. I said, " Let s to enter the bedroom - in the case -. Anyone else get home " went back to my room and Everett and started kissing me and Jared began play with our genitals. I thought we gave the same treatment as , as she stroked my balls with one Young Kidz Cp hand and then walked and stroked my cock with her. Then I felt his mouth when a testicle sucked and pulled it with his teeth. I kissed further Everett passionate. Then I felt Jared 's mouth heating the head of my cock as language flying around. I could not help flailing. I did not see what was going on, kept his eyes closed. soon will be the head bobbed rapidly in me, and I was pretty wild push again. I started to scream when she felt my cum rising. He had never felt this strong before. Everett kissed my mouth, my cries a little presentation. itwas s like a dream, as I pumped my things in one liter of the mouth apparently, that was not my friend - because, obviously, I kissed him. When I finished, I fell back on the bed and tried almost desperately to catch his breath. When I started to slow my breathing, I , because the bed was still bouncing violently. I was horrified for Jared to see the top of Everett, legs and feet of VE started on the shoulders of his s, as Jared for themselves and Huff, as he pumped his cum deep \\ \\ n my friends in the ass. I wanted to disagree with all my being, but I saw an amazing view of the face of Everett. It seemed I was in heaven. Jared seemed to be brutally rammed itself again and again in the Ev. Then began Everett moaning loudly and saw cum blow of his woody bit and slapped him. When they finished, Jared fell face down in Everett. Everett grabbed him and kissed him deeply I turned my face. Then I turned my body. They were Cua still growing strongn I stood up. I packed my things. Everett was in tears by the time I reached the door. ! " Please do not Ben Ben - ahhh - Ohhh - noooooo ! " I entered the living room, threw my stuff and left the house. I went so far as the video store and there was an alley behind it. I was there, found an old chair by the door and sat down. Then I began to , like a baby crying. Why did I do this? WHY! ? ? When I got home, Jared was the car disappeared. My parents went to the boys as I reached the entrance. I smiled and opened the door for me mom. " What are you doing, honey? " She asked. ", I had to go. " Seeing my face, he said, with all the guys there. that entered the house. I had expected to find there, Everett, asked me - a - something - I do not know - say? He was not in the front room. I went to my bedroom and he was not there. I ran to her room, and a note on his bed. " Ben, of course, I will want to see, I'm notOregon I'll be in touch with. " " Mom, " I said. mother read the note. " What happened ? " " We had a disagreement. " " This seems more than a disagreement. "She said. " Any idea where is it? " " No. I mean yes - I mean - you could know!. " " Where? " He said. My father came " What is happening here? "Mom gave him the note. " Where is it? " " Ben thinks he can get an idea. " " We have to find it. He is still only 17. "Said the father, do not ask why wrote Young Kidz Cp the letter. N " Jared ? "Mom said on the phone. " Everett is there with you ? " set the phone. " Jared says Everett was here when he left. What on earth did - to write this letter and - let "n " kissed Jared. ". ?. As I said that I could not it was s enough " Well, sounds like your letter - is the way I feel Where were you when. This is going on? " " Right next to them. "I said, trying not to give more ". Ben Everett had a bad moment - like his brother is. Young Kidz Cp probably confused. "I could not stop the tears from my eyes. " I do not think I've seen forget what I saw. " " Do you mean the two kissing ?" My Young Kidz Cp father told me. I was too long, and then said, " Yes. " I looked down, as I said it, paranoid that they knew there was more than that. " Well, I can understand that. " Said my father. "This is very strange. If Everett, and has had a fight? " "No! " " Well, you better go look. " Said the father. I accepted. There was a long way to go. When we left home, sat on the sidewalk. He heard the door close and looked around. His face was red and his eyes were full. "I will deal with these two. " My father said softly and went back inside. went to the sidewalk and sat down near Everett, folded his arms.. "I do not know where to go," ".. You should not leave, we are concerned," " I know why I came back.. Young Kidz Cp " \\ \\ n " Yes - the. Young Kidz Cp and the fact that you did not know where to go," he said, sounds more bitter than I expected. " Ben - I know,is weak - but -.. I'm sorry " He touched my shoulder I winced. " Is there anything I can say - that - I do not know - do the right thing - or -? better, " " You've done, you say you're sorry I know you are but Ev -.. I do not know - if - if - if you can end this scene from my s spirit. I just - not - know. I blame myself. I never would have agreed - a -. IT, " said. " Maybe we can - ahem - because it would not happen, I know, that's Ben. stupid, but maybe we can at least try. " " Maybe - but - do not know. " " I know. Sorry. " He touched me again. " I love you, Ben. " I jumped up and shouted : " Do you know how flat the sounds? "Tears filled her eyes away. " You're an immature LITTLE - " I came. " Sorry. It is doing just hurts so much ! " I n then began to mourn. And I looked, and one of my neighbors stopped cut coverage and looked in our direction. I turned and walked slowly to the side of the house, and opens the door at the BACk patio. I n Young Kidz Cp media wondered, as he hoped would be followed by half. He did not. Notes. Ahhh - the youth! They are so safe, not even a minute - and so unsure of the next. I was a young gay once. I know how confusing it can be. Sometimes I still do that. All comments are welcome to Steve hotmail stevethomas535. com,. Thanks and love, Steve
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